2021 Annual Market Review
A market performance and asset class commentary.
Written by Patryk Dyjecinski

IFA and Founder of Clara Wealth

Our 2021 Annual Market Review is now available for download. A market performance and asset class commentary with data provided by Dimensional Fund Advisors. The aim of the Review is to give you a general overview of what has happened in the financial world over the past year and the impact this may have had on your investments. 

As a Clara Wealth Management client, we would also conduct a regular performance review and an assessment of whether your specific portfolio continues to be suitable to your goals.

The key takeaways for the year were that:

  • Returns were positive across developed but negative across emerging equity markets in pound sterling terms. 
  • US equities outperformed other developed markets.
  • UK equity returns were positive, higher than European markets but slightly lower than global developed markets.
  • Value stocks outperformed growth stocks in developed markets and emerging markets. 
  • Small caps underperformed large caps in developed markets but outperformed in Emerging Markets. 
  • Global property (via Real Estate Investment Trust investments) was very strong and outperformed global equities.
  • Gilt returns were negative and undperformed global government bonds in pound sterling terms.
  • Global government bond and global corporate bond market returns were negative in pound sterling terms with the exception with high-yield (and hence higher risk) corporate bonds..
  • Within fixed income, realised term premiums in British pound-denominated bonds were generally negative as longer-term bonds underperformed shorter-term bonds. Realised term premiums were also generally negative across the broader global developed markets. Realised credit premiums were generally positive for the period, with corporate bonds outperforming their government counterparts.

You can download your copy via the link below:

2021 Annual Market Review

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Past performance is not a reliable indicator of future performance. The value of investments may go down as well as up and you may get back less than you invest.